Talented people there for you

A Greeter is a local person from Valence or the region who is keen to share their passion for the city and surrounding area with visitors from France and abroad. They are people of all ages and backgrounds who are open to different cultures and often passionate about an aspect of local life.


Unlike a professional guide who will give you a broad overview of the tourist sights, a Greeter is a volunteer who is just as welcoming but will introduce you to their region in their own unique, down-to-earth way. The variety of themed trips on offer are first and foremost a way of enabling you to meet a Greeter and enjoy a richly rewarding cultural exchange with another person on a one-to-one level. 


Visitors don’t pay anything for the trip. To enable the Tourism and Convention Bureau to pair up visitor and Greeter most appropriately, we ask you to fill in a form on the website when request your trip. You’ll then be given a time and place to meet.