François Michaud


"I was born in the Poitiers region, but I have lived here for 15 years and love this area! Being a Greeter gives me the opportunity to show others around this magnificent region (obviously…), through some of my passions…


If you’re interested in photography, come and immortalise some well-known and lesser-known places; if you're into railways, I’ll show you around our exceptional railways heritage.


I am passionate about all forms of land, air and sea transport. Come with me to discover the legendary Nationale 7 highway, the prestigious PLM (Paris-Lyon-Marseille) railway, magnificent river boats, and also the events of the legendary Monte Carlo Rally.


Or you might prefer just to stroll with me around the streets of my beautiful village of Etoile-sur-Rhône.


See you very soon!”


Themes offered by François:

  • Photography
  • Historical heritage
  • Railway heritage
  • Engineering heritage
  • The Nationale 7 highway
  • Top tips for city sightseeing


Languages spoken : French, English.


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